Board Member Criteria

 Criteria for Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor Delivery Group Membership

Selection criteria for private sector business representatives and a guide to the skills and competencies needed

Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor ambition

The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor initiative (CNTC) is a partnership between public sector stakeholders including Breckland District Council, Broadland District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, East Cambridgeshire District Council, Forest Heath District Council, St Edmundsbury Borough Council, New Anglia LEP, Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, South Norfolk District Council and Suffolk County Council.

The CNCT was set on the back of the £100m infrastructure investment to dual the A11 carriageway between Norwich and Cambridge which has significantly improved travel times and connectivity between the two major economic centres in the East of England. The CNTC seek to drive inclusive, clean economic growth and investment throughout the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor by building on the area’s strengths in a range of technology sectors and to further develop existing and emerging technology clusters.

The CNTC initiatives was set up to deliver 5 key ambitions:

  1. Cross-sector Cluster Development: To promote the development of a number of nationally significant and globally competitive technology clusters by creating a ‘Tech Corridor Cluster’ and support collaboration, innovation, convergence and commercialisation within and between sectors and in particular address the opportunities presented through the Clean Growth economy
  2. Identity building and Branding: To create a strong brand, identity and value proposition for the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor to drive engagement between stakeholders within the Corridor area as well as provide a joined-up offer and investment case for Government, Businesses and Private Sector Investors nationally and globally.
  3. Infrastructure: To support effective cluster development through the provision of high quality and well-connected employment space, digital connectivity and housing to enable facilitate the connection and synergies between firms, clusters and local economies.
  4. Skills: To drive inclusive growth and cluster development by supporting the Corridor area to become a leader in technical education, raising skill and productivity levels, attract and retain a skilled workforce and raise real wages across all sectors in the corridor economy.
  5. Leadership: To establish leadership and provide coordination of initiatives and activities spanning the Corridor area and build credibility with stakeholders.

The CNTC initiative is governed as per the structure chart below.

The purpose of the Delivery Board is to actively support and develop the strategy and delivery plan for the CNTC to achieve its five ambitions. The Delivery Board is responsible for approving strategies, activities and interventions and sign off spending proposed by the Operational Group to achieve the agreed ambitions and vision for the CNTC. The Delivery Board is responsible for reviewing and evaluating progress against the Delivery Plan targets on a regular basis.

Guidance to private sector business representatives

  • Your expertise, skills and contribution will be vital to the success of the CNTC
  • Your primary role will be to represent the views and interests of private sector businesses and in particular those of your sector, business size banding and geographic area, whilst always ensuring that decisions are taken in the best interests of the CNTC’s business community as a whole
  • Appointments will be on merit assessed by representatives from the Leaders/Chief Execs Group
  • Your role is not to represent your own business or personal interests
  • Creating an environment where businesses flourish and sharing the ambitions of CNTC should be the primary reason for your interest in the role
  • The Delivery Group has 6 meetings a year. With additional sub-groups and other commitments on behalf of the CNTC – we would want you to commit to up to two days per month
  • We would expect board members to make themselves available to represent the CNTC in speaking and other external engagements for which support will be provided by the operational team

Skills and competencies

  • Experienced person with at least three years in a senior appointment
  • A successful individual
  • Good standing in the business community
  • Good team player
  • Strong communicator
  • Reliable, effective and efficient
  • Good influencing skills
  • Intelligent, clear thinking, active listener
  • A logical approach to problem solving and able to demonstrate sound judgement
  • Has the interests of the business community and Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire’s economy at heart
  • Has the time and the commitment to give to the CNTC Delivery Group
  • Can bring demonstrable relevant skills and experience
  • Can demonstrate a focus on growth and jobs
  • Is making a difference to the regional business economy now

Sector Coverage

The CNTC initiative aims to drive a transformative economy across a connected geography focused on technology based economic activity. The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor area is home to not only the UK’s most established tech cluster in Cambridge but also clusters of businesses and research excellence in a range of tech-based sectors including:

  • Advanced engineering, manufacturing & materials
  • Agri-tech/ food-science
  • Life science, Med-Tech & Pharmaceuticals
  • IT, AI, Robotics, Sensors & Big Data
  • Energy

It is it is important to have business representatives with experience of these sectors and who can represent the interests of and engage with businesses within them. As the CNTC initiative is seeking to support investment into the Corridor area business representatives from Financial Services, Consulting, Construction, Logistics and Development sectors are also sought. Good connections into relevant networks will be an advantage.

Geographic Coverage

It is important that the make-up of the Delivery Board reflects the different business communities and geographic areas within the wider CNTC area and we will seek to appoint business representatives from all areas.

This will enable each business representative to benefit the CNTC by representing their connections into relevant networks.

Business Size

The size of their business or the experience representatives have had in a number of businesses will be an important asset for the CNTC. The issues facing the different sizes of organisation need to be understood by the CNTC Delivery Board. We will seek to cover the following size groups:

  • Micro               0-10 employees
  • Small               11-50 employees
  • Medium           51-250 employees
  • Large               251 + employees


Appointments will be for an initial period of three years.


The Delivery Group positions are not remunerated. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Code of conduct

Delivery Board members are expected to adhere to the highest standards of governance and propriety.