IT, AI, Robotics, Sensors & Big Data

Although there is a distinction between commercial ICT, AI and Big Data research, and Robotics and Sensors research, the ultimate application of these differing strands is very similar – to integrate into different sectors and applications to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce waste.

This is the key sector in driving forward Industry 4.0. Cambridge has a globally significant cluster in research into these fields, along with a strong, nationally significant ICT sector and Norwich is home to a fast growing IT and Digital sector, complementing the skills and capabilities in Cambridge. The Corridor’s manufacturing, agricultural, energy and life sciences sectors provide ample opportunities to test and adopt these types of solutions to drive clean and efficient growth throughout the Corridor.

The Tech Corridor initiative will aim to support convergence, integration and collaboration between the ICT, AI, Big Data, Robotics and Sensors sector and the other key sectors within the Corridor to enable the development of new products and services and support increased efficiency and productivity within businesses.