Diversify: adapting your offer – Hethel Innovation

Webinar Title: Diversify – Adapting Your Offer

Organiser: Hethel Innovation

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Key Take Aways:

Session 1 – Macro Environment: Introducing the context map tool as a unique way to assess your micro and macro environment. This innovative tool gives businesses a snapshot of their current situation including factors such as: political, economic, technology factors, customer needs, uncertainties, business trends and social trends. By understanding your current situation in this detail, it is far easier to find opportunities for diversification.

Session 2 – Atomise: This session used the SCAMPER tool to look at ways of improving processes. SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put To Another use, Eliminate and Reverse. This tool seeks new idea generation for businesses and provides a framework for thinking outside of the box.

Session 3 – Resources: One of the most useful tools from this session was Crazy 8’s, this is an ideation tool used for solving a particular challenge you are facing. You simply spend 8 minutes drawing, not writing, 8 different solution to your challenge. This rapid solution generating tool can be used to develop minimum viable products to test your assumption and gain customer or team feedback.

Session 4 – Trends: Investigating your market, your trends and your customers is vital. Within this session the key take away was a tool called ‘Border Crossings’. Take three of your main offerings in the middle of a piece of paper. Outside add some areas you think these could expand into, things you are considering and trends you can foresee. Then outside those try to get one step ahead of the curve, what are some bigger ideas you could look at? How does upcoming technology reflect itself in your business? Border Crossings is a way to get one step ahead of the competition.

Submitted by James Williamson, Hethel Innovation