Our vision for the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Home to technology shaping the future of food, energy, medicine and mobility, the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is one of Europe’s most exciting tech growth opportunities

With its two world-class universities, an array of high-growth businesses and a plethora of leading research institutions, the Tech Corridor is ideally placed to play a significant role in addressing the grand challenges facing humanity, to be a role model for future-facing, tech-driven economies worldwide and to make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

We want the Tech Corridor to be recognised as the go-to location for technology firms looking to establish, grow and cluster, for highly skilled workers looking for a career with a strong purpose and a rich and varied quality of life, and for investors looking for attractive business opportunities.

The future

Currently the Tech Corridor drives a vibrant £27.3bn economy, with growth of 13.5% since 2010, outstripping the national and regional averages. By increasing overall population and technology-based, high-value employment opportunities in the Tech Corridor, the initiative has the potential to transform the economy and enable 26,000 additional jobs, creating additional economic value of £2.75bn in real terms, boosting workers’ take-home pay by an average of £1,300 per annum, also in real terms, and housing an additional 46,000 people by 2031.