Our vision for the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

21st February 2019

Linking two of the UK’s powerhouse cities, the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is one Europe’s most exciting growth stories.

Our purpose is to build a top-tier tech destination for the talented people, high growth companies and long-term investment that create jobs, transform lives and drive economic growth.

We will do this by enhancing our reputation as a globally important innovation cluster for life sciences, agri-tech, advanced engineering, clean energy, mobility and medicine. Our world-class universities and research institutes are tackling global challenges around soil, crop and human health, sustainable development and climate change, while our ambitious companies are set to power the UK economy for years to come.

The Tech Corridor partnership brings together business, academic, and political leaders on a mission to grow the region’s economy by forging closer links between our world-leading clusters and promoting this region as the best place to enjoy a rewarding, purposeful career and a great quality of life.

Together we will continue making our compelling case for ongoing UK Government investment in strategic physical and digital infrastructure to support business growth, creative networks and community cohesion.

Delivering our vision

We have grouped our ambitions for the coming year into three categories

Deliverable one: Building our reputation

To show the world that we have the people, companies and culture to match any of the leading tech clusters, and to tell the story of a region tackling global challenges and driving economic growth.

Deliverable two: Enhancing our clusters

To join up and enhance our assets in research, education and business. to attract and promote the development of nationally and internationally significant and recognised companies.

Deliverable three: Strengthening our infrastructure

We will aim to attract public and private investment in infrastructure that enables and unlocks the Tech Corridor’s full potential that support and strengthen our world-leading clusters by attracting and securing investment into technology hubs and companies.

The future

Currently the Tech Corridor drives a vibrant £27.3bn economy, with growth of 13.5 per cent since 2010, outstripping the national and regional averages. By increasing overall population and technology-based, high-value employment opportunities in the Tech Corridor, the initiative has the potential to transform the economy and enable 26,000 additional jobs, creating additional economic value of £2.75bn in real terms, boosting workers’ take-home pay by an average of £1,300 per annum, also in real terms, and housing an additional 46,000 people by 2031.