Set the Tech Corridor agenda

25th February 2019

Thousands of brilliant businesses, educational institutions and research organisations make the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor a great place to live and work, and we want them to help set the agenda for the region.

We welcome the input of ambitious organisations driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to be at the forefront of the tech-driven economy of the future.

Your firm can get involved in the Tech Corridor initiative by:

Joining our ambassador network

We are inviting businesses and thought leaders in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor to become ambassadors of our pioneering initiative.

The role of our ambassadors is to help promote our collective strengths and guiding mission in the Tech Corridor and beyond, as well as helping to embed some of the initiatives on our delivery roadmap. Becoming an ambassador will in turn enable companies to use the growth of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor to put their own businesses in a positive, holistic spotlight and connect with a like-minded, motivated ecosystem of local firms.

Becoming a SIG champion

Our Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, will bring together the brightest minds in the Tech Corridor to identify opportunities and challenges faced by businesses in the region.

Focusing on areas which are crucial to the delivery of the initiative, such as clustering, talent and infrastructure, the groups will give members a chance to play an enhanced role in the Tech Corridor programme.

Connecting with key organisations

The Tech Corridor is home to an array of organisations supporting business growth, ranging from membership bodies for key industries such as agritech, energy and digital, to business centres, shared work spaces and incubators that can help the next generation of businesses grow.

Click here for details of some of the key organisations in the region.