Engineering Success with NAAME and the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Engineering Success has been designed to ensure a bright future for Norfolk and Suffolk’s burgeoning engineering and manufacturing clusters.

It has been launched by the New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (NAAME) group and the  Tech Corridor following the award of the grant from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Innovative Projects Fund, which provides support for initiatives that aid economic growth in the region.

The programme will map and accelerate the development of the engineering and manufacturing cluster across Norfolk and Suffolk. Part of this work will involve setting up an online talent-sharing platform, which will enable employees at companies where work patterns are seasonal to move to another business during quieter periods, thus ensuring all-year-round employment for staff and broadening the talent pool available to firms.

NAAME chair Jamie Thums says: “Our vision for NAAME is to support ambitious engineering and manufacturing businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk to thrive by bringing them together, helping them share knowledge, tackle challenges, and address the opportunities of tomorrow. Engineering Success will be key to this work.”

How to join Engineering Success

NAAME is looking for engineering and manufacturing companies to be a part of Engineering Success and help it gather intelligence through a series of interviews, workshops and focus group. If you would like to find out more about getting involved, or get further information on the talent sharing platform, email James Williamson on

Find out more about NAAME at

Project updates

13/08/20: Next project meeting. Contact James Williamson if you are interested in attending.

22/07/20: Engineering Success project update, July 2020. Read the full update here.

17/06/20: First project meeting held to discuss talent sharing platform.

12/05/20: Engineering Success launched. Read the news story about the project launch here.

12/05/20: Engineering success project overview released: download the project overview here.

12/05/20: Talent sharing platform overview release: download the platform overview, here.