Mobile networking event puts Norwich & Cambridge ‘on the right track’

A unique networking event that began in Norwich and ended in Cambridge, has been hailed a huge success as its hosts pledged to repeat, and extend the event. Eastern Promise and Anglia Innovation Partnerships gathered a group of scientists, professionals and leaders from both cities boarded the Greater Anglia 11:27am service from Norwich to Cambridge, on one of the company’s new trains.

The innovative meeting also featured several round table discussions on the rail connection, commercial links and research and development ecosystem, which were recorded on the train for the Eastern Promise podcast.  The first of these round tables, on the Cambridge-Norwich rail link, can be heard here, as well as Apple Podcasts, Amazon, and Spotify.

Mike Rigby, Host and Executive Producer of the Eastern Promise podcast, said: “The response to this event has been wonderfully encouraging.  That encouragement didn’t only come from the very warm welcome we received in Cambridge, but also from the determination of Norwich-based institutions to engage more loudly and proudly with their Cambridge-based counterparts.

“We also travelled in style, thanks to the brilliant new Greater Anglia trains on the route, which provided a fitting and comfortable venue.”

“Norwich has an incredibly strong hand to play.  It has the advantage of proximity, of a strong and growing knowledge economy, and of huge and relatively recent improvements in connectivity with Cambridge.  For its part, the R&D and commercial communities in Cambridge are well appraised of what the two cities, and their surrounding counties, can achieve if we strengthen and deepen these ties.

“If cities could talk, I feel that Cambridge would be saying to Norwich: ‘I’m so glad you’re here, what kept you?’”

Train travel for delegates was sponsored by Ridge & Partners LLP and Carter Jonas held a reception for delegates at its Cambridge office close to the station.

Roz Bird, Chief Executive of Anglia Innovation Partnerships, the body behind the Norwich Research Park, said: “It was delightful to take part in this novel networking event that brought together old friends, and colleagues, from the Cambridge high-tech community with new friends, and colleagues, from Norwich.

“I’m incredibly grateful to Ridge and Partners for sponsoring our rail travel, and to Carter Jonas for making us feel so welcome on our arrival into Cambridge.

“Combining forces between the well understood opportunities within the Cambridge business community and the untapped potential within the Norwich business community creates a powerful combination for economic growth.

“I love bringing people together, that have never met before, and through this process generate new ideas, new understanding, identify common ground and help people inspire each other with their differences. The atmosphere on the train was really positive, with a can-do spirit flowing from our guests. It would be great to do this again in the future.”

This article was written by Mike Rigby at Eastern Promise, to learn more listen to their podcast here: