Tech Corridor Innovation Challenge: challenge statements revealed

With just a week to go until the Tech Corridor SDG Innovation Challenge, we can reveal the challenges which our teams will be working on.

Taking place at the new STEM centre at West Suffolk College on Tuesday, October 8, as part of the West Suffolk Business Festival, the hackathon-style event will see people from across the Tech Corridor coming up with innovative solutions to questions posed by local businesses which relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Four firms have set challenges, which are detailed below:

The challenge will be a fast-paced, hackathon style event

The Challenges


“Adnams is company with sustainability in its DNA. We strive to provide exceptional products and services to our customers without costing the earth. For this challenge, can you think of ways in which we can we utilise our surplus land atReydon in a sustainable way to support our business/community?”


“What approaches, technologies or other strategies are available to help Antistat reuse or recycle its antistatic bags at end of life?”


“Recognising concerns and challenges around get rid of end of life electronic devices, how might we put in place new approaches or schemes to encourage businesses to support recycling and to relinquish their out of date equipment?”


“How can small scale farmers be better integrated into western food supply chains such that their produce reaches shops in the developed world?”

The keynote speaker

Abhi Naha

We’re delighted to be welcoming Abhi Naha, ambassador for the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute and chief operating officer of Cambridge Wireless to the challenge. He will open the event with a short keynote about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the opportunity they present for businesses.

Join a team

We still have spaces available for those wishing to join a team at the event. If you would like to work on one of the above challenges, fill in the form below, call 07766 886273, or email,