The A-Z of disruption: C is for culture

Good company culture is key to a happy workplace, but how do you maintain it while disrupting your marketplace?

This week our A-Z of disruption has reached C for Culture, and we asked Norwich digital agency made: How can you disrupt a market/industry without disrupting your working culture?

The A-Z of disruption brings together thought leaders from East Anglia to answer questions on topics relevant to disruptive companies. It accompanies The Disruptors, our new video series showcasing interesting businesses from around the region.

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"Keep it calm, simple and efficient"

Mark Merrywest, director of made

Made is known for its innovative company culture – the firm has embraced the Swedish principle of Lagom, which means ‘just the right amount’. Among other things, this means staff work a six-hour day, which has seen productivity rocket.

But how do you ensure you live this culture? Director Mark Merrywest says:

“Deadlines, pressure, long hours and burnt out staff – all inevitable in a busy, innovative design-led marketing agency, right?

“Not if you think differently.

“Our culture is about working hard and smart when we are at work – for 6 hours – and then doing anything else but work at any other time. It makes our team fitter, healthier and more productive and it gives them the time, energy and headspace to do the best job for our clients.

“Disruption doesn’t have to be about working long hours on the next big thing; sometimes keeping it calm, simple and efficient can be the most effective disruptor of all.”