Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor priorities

The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor Partnership brings together political and business leaders on a mission to raise the collective reputation of the region’s ambitious tech businesses and help them address major global issues, improving people’s lives and the country’s productivity in the process.

We will build and promote a distinct high-value narrative for the Tech Corridor that appeals to a range of audiences based on our physical assets, such as businesses and development opportunities and environmental assets including quality of life, a creative culture, and highly skilled people, which form the basis for attracting and retaining entrepreneurs, innovators and high growth companies.

We will provide a strong trusted voice in national and international conversations about high value technology, championing the strengths of the region and attracting the interest of the new generation of purpose-driven talent needed to future-proof our businesses.

We will make a compelling offer to the UK Government for support and investment in strategic infrastructure to underpin our businesses. We will support and strengthen our world-leading technology clusters by attracting and securing private and public investment into technology hubs and businesses, and connecting people, institutions and businesses to drive innovation, collaboration and enhanced networks.

Our ambitions

We’ve broken our ambitions for the Tech Corridor down into four key areas which will help grow our businesses and power the economy of tomorrow. Get in touch with the team if you think you can help us deliver on the Tech Corridor’s massive potential.

The four key ambitions focus on:


To provide digital and physical connectivity and versatile, flexible space for businesses to grow and cluster throughout the Tech Corridor to enable collaboration, innovation, knowledge-sharing and inclusive growth

Assets and Clusters

To join up and enhance our assets in research, education and business, to attract and promote the development of nationally and internationally significant clusters of firms to enable stronger collaboration, commercialisation and supply chains.

Skills and Talent

To support the provision of industry-driven technical education that supports a region of aspirational, future-proof talent


Goal: To show the world that we have the right people and culture to inspire an innovative, high growth community and to show that our business output has global relevance and high value both economically and to society as a whole.