Greater Anglia’s digital innovation saving time for commuters

Rail commuters in the Tech Corridor can now buy their season tickets in double quick time thanks to a digital innovation from train operator Greater Anglia.

The company has upgraded its app to offer ‘remote ticket download’ for commuters who have one of the operator’s plastic Smart Cards. Season tickets can now be collected directly onto the cards using an Android phone.

Richard Walton, Greater Anglia’s smart service delivery manager, said, “This new development means there’s no need to wait or queue to buy or renew a season ticket if you hold a Smart Card.

“Passengers can now buy their season ticket on-line or from the GA app and then load it onto a Smart Card in just a few minutes, wherever they are, saving them precious time.”

“We’re pleased to have developed this innovation with our partners to offer much more convenient and flexible season ticket purchasing for rail passengers in East Anglia.”

No more visits to the ticket machine if you have a Greater Anglia smartcard

Passengers simply buy their season tickets online at or through the app on any device.

They then open the app on their NFC-enabled Android mobile phone, hold their Smart Card to the back of the phone to load their ticket – and it will automatically transfer onto the Smart Card.

The news comes in the same week that Greater Anglia launched its new trains on the line between Norwich and Cambridge.

The bi-mode trains can switch between electric and diesel power. Greater Anglia says each train is longer, with many more seats, and other features including air conditioning, plug and USB points and improved accessibility.

They will also improve reliability and resilience with three and four carriage trains replacing a fleet of one, two and three carriage trains, many of which are nearly 40 years old.

James Burles, Greater Anglia’s managing director, said: “Our new trains will transform rail travel across the region, bring wider economic, social, business, tourism and environmental benefits. It is the largest wholescale replacement of trains by any train company in the UK.”