Mission for the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Linking two of the UK’s powerhouse cities, the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is one Europe’s most exciting growth stories.

Our Mission as the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor delivery team​

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Linn Clabburn: Programme Director, Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

“I believe that the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor offers the most interesting growth opportunity in Europe at the moment.

Our mission as the delivery team is to improve the ‘health’ as well as the ‘wealth’ of the region by bringing together business and political leaders to amplify the region’s existing, collective strengths in science, technology and create a place where people and business can thrive.

Our growth opportunity lies in the mix and diversity of businesses, sectors and communities that make up the Tech Corridor.

At one end of the Tech Corridor, we have Norwich which is home to both a fast-growing digital tech sector as well as internationally renowned research into food and agri-tech. At the other end, Cambridge has a world-leading life science cluster and a strong and well-established deep-tech sector. We also have a strong renewable energy sector that stretches along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast and into the Tech Corridor. Underpinning these sectors is a diverse engineering and manufacturing expertise that can turn cutting edge research and ideas into products and services – something we see in practice throughout the Corridor.

This diversity of sectors not only makes us well placed to address some of the major challenges that are facing humanity such climate change, food security, health, etc. it has also made us more resilient than other parts of the UK (according to both the PwC Good Growth study 2020 and New Statesman Brexit Vulnerability Index). This diversity, resilience and connectivity between business communities across the and our links to the rest of the UK and Europe makes the Tech Corridor a great place to run a business.

Alongside the research and business strengths, we are also home to a diverse range of communities including cities, market towns, villages, rural areas and natural areas which offer people the opportunity to live their best life – whatever that may look like.”


If you’d like to hear more about our programmes or about the opportunities for businesses or investors in the Tech Corridor region please get in touch
Email: linn@techcorridor.co.uk