Big data and AI in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Data is often described as the oil that will power the fourth industrial revolution, and Tech Corridor companies are doing vital work building the systems that keep the information flowing and the algorithms that make it relevant to our lives.

Cambridge is home to some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, with global big-names like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung all present in the city. The last couple of years have seen Cambridge cement its place as one of the world’s leading hubs for voice recognition, thanks in part to Apple’s acquisition of Cambridge University spin-out VocalIQ to work on its Siri personal assistant. The technology behind the Amazon Echo was also developed in the city.

This knowledge underpins the work of companies throughout the Tech Corridor developing new systems in the field of energy, mobility and healthcare.

Norwich has gained a reputation for digital expertise, particularly in design and user experience, while the Tech Corridor’s wide open spaces and existing strengths in agri-tech, energy and life sciences make it the perfect place to deploy and test new technologies.

The design and manufacturing power of the Tech Corridor makes it the perfect place to assemble the myriad circuits and sensors that run connected devices and harvest data. Companies such as Vanilla Electronics at Thetford are able to build some of the world’s most advanced electronic products, offering services from prototyping right through to testing and maintenance.

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