Share your knowledge with the Tech Corridor Take-Away

We know you're a knowledgeable bunch in the Tech Corridor, and we'd like to share your insights as part of our new feature, the Tech Corridor Take-Away.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many interesting events move online, being held as webinars. This has opened up an array of possibilities to join discussions and panel debates which might have otherwise seemed out of reach.

If you’ve sat in on an interesting webinar recently, we’d like to hear about what you learned. Simply fill in this form and tell us up to three things you took away from the event. These can be interesting quotes, observations or things which you’re planning to implement in your business. It is also a chance for you to share some information about your business with our network.

We hope that sharing this knowledge will be help inspire other companies across the Tech Corridor, and give them food for thought about how they can develop their businesses as we emerge from lockdown and adjust to new ways of working.

Check out the take-aways below, and please share knowledge by filling in the form here.