Survey: Help shape the future of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is a non-statutory public-private partnership including the New Anglia LEP, county councils and district councils between Norwich and Cambridge as well as a large cohort of businesses and support organisations in the East of England.

Over the past year, the Tech Corridor partnership has been working with individuals and businesses from across the Corridor area to develop a Spatial Vision for the Tech Corridor. The vision aims to create a ‘Corridor for life’ – a connected, inclusive place where both people and businesses can grow and thrive.

The Spatial Vision helped us to identify a number of high-growth locations that have the potential to play a key role in driving growth and investment in the Tech Corridor. To develop the vision into actions, we are now building a detailed understanding of the local contexts around each location. We want to map the strengths, challenges (such as investment needs) and opportunities in each location as well as their aspirations and visions for the future to create a roadmap of actions for each location. Our goal is to support each location to build on their existing strengths and to connect locations and industries across the Tech Corridor into one joined-up economy that can support sustainable and inclusive growth.

We now need your help to gain an understanding of the local context where you live and/or work.

Please click on the link and share your knowledge and thoughts on up to three different locations within the Tech Corridor.