The Disruptors: VividQ’s lifelike 3D holograms ready to shake up the display industry

Cambridge start-up VividQ hopes to bring the realistic 3D holograms seen in films like Star Wars into your homes, cars and smart glasses. VividQ CEO and co-founder Darran Milne tells us more.

Tell us about VividQ

We create solutions for pioneering tech companies to adopt holography. That means bringing an immersive, natural viewing experience to people through holographic AR smart glasses and consumer electronics – and establishing VividQ as a new standard for display technology.

What was the opportunity you identified that led to the launch of your business?

The rise of AR has created an opportunity for real-time 3D holographic display, so we set out to develop the world’s first software framework. Initially we’re targeting AR applications, but the software will work for any holographic application in the long run.

VividQ's technology could make holographic displays a reality

How did you use invention and innovation to disrupt the market?

We invented a revolutionary suite of algorithms that allow for the first generation of real-time 3D holograms. This fundamentally disrupts people’s perception of what 3D visualisation is how and display can work.

What challenges have you faced and how did you learn from them?

Obtaining funding, creating a route to commercialisation for a highly-technical product and negotiating with multinational tech companies were all challenges. We learned how to better identify investors and that we don’t have to do everything on our own – we can bring in experts with relevant experience.

VividQ CEO Darren Milne

What has been the moment you are most proud of so far in your business’ development?

Identifying and building a partner ecosystem to bring the holographic display to the market has been a game changer.

If you were starting from the beginning again, what would you do differently?

I’d run board meetings more efficiently – no one likes a 10 hour meeting!

What’s your advice to somebody launching a start-up?

Make sure you have a solid commercial team with good connections to the market, so you’re developing for the needs of the market not just for yourself.

What are your plans for the future?

To become the leaders of the next generation of 3D display and beyond.

Article first published in the EDP, Wednesday July 31 2019