Welcome to the Tech Corridor of Curiosities

The idea is to showcase the businesses from across Tech Corridor. Everything from space rockets and augmented reality to seaweed polymers to electric supercars and signing avatars found within our corridor, but how many of us know it is there?

We want to showcase items that represent the breadth, diversity, innovation and technologies we have in the Tech Corridor amongst our Ambassadors through the “Corridor of Curiosities”. We want to provoke people to be curious and ask “what is that?” and “what is that for?”. The idea is to support any physical items displayed, with supporting information on the item, the business, awards, support received and more through an online “little book of curiosities”. This interactive catalogue will then inform the viewer with interactive content, such as videos and animations as well as text and links, providing a profile on the company and another way to engage with them.

In terms of audience, we want to reach:

  • Innovation, Tech and Business Communities and Networks: to help them to better understand what’s around them but also reinforcing why they are here in the Tech Corridor and also other businesses they can aspire to learn from, collaborate or work with.
  • General public:  this is a place you can be proud to live in and where there are amazing careers – this can include opportunities to display in local key locations, such as the Forum for example, or business or public exhibition opportunities.
  • Public sector/govt:  we champion clean growth and all our technology and innovation sectors and have amazing businesses and developments coming from these areas and that’s why you should invest in this region.

The Corridor of Curiosities, is designed to create awareness of the businesses and opportunities for interesting workplaces, spaces to grow and prosper within the region that exist beyond the grass verges, warehouse, workshops and garage doors they are currently hidden within and behind. We have a huge amount to be proud of in the Tech Corridor and this display is designed to help to attract new talent, new businesses and new investment to the region to aid the continued propensity and development of the sectors and clusters.

Why the Corridor of Curiosities?

We have called this the ‘Corridor of Curiosity’ because the aim of the in initiative is to get people who frequently travel up and down the Tech Corridor, around the Innovation Clusters and across the associated areas, to be more curious about the types of businesses based in the region.  We want people to be more inclined to think ‘what’s behind that door’, ‘what’s in that warehouse’ because there is some really exciting innovation taking place and we need to showcase this. We want to spark that inner child who is continuously learning.

The aim is to create a catalogue of all the Tech Corridor Ambassadors and their businesses over the coming months and into the future so we can show case a range of sectors or be sector specific with the display/exhibitions. We want companies to have an opportunity to shout about how exciting and innovative they are being. Therefore we are asking businesses who want to be an Ambassador, or part of the Tech Corridor family, to be part of the exhibition catalogue and displays. The aim of this stand is to be paper and giveaway free.

The Curiosity Item (Physical Display)

We want to showcase a small “item” which could be an actual product they produce, a representation, model or similar that will peak “curiosity” in the viewer as to what it is. We would then display this in a “boutique art gallery” way, shown on an individual pedestal with a small information card. This doesn’t need to be an obvious product, but a representation or something which links to your product or service. The idea, as per the title, is to provoke curiosity, so abstract is welcomed, as long as there is a link. So think “out of the box” with what you could supply, however, products, if you have them are welcomed.

Understanding the Curiosity

Each curiosity we display will be displayed with a QR Code and could also include the logo or name of the organisation. This QR Code links directly to their entry in the Little Book of Curiosities, for that product. Therefore no paper is wasted with information sheets, promotional materials and clicks and activations of the link can be tracked and reported on.

See and interact with the online Little Book of Curiosities here.

The Little Book of Curiosities (Online)

As mentioned above, the QR code will take the viewer from their phone or device to an online Little Book of Curiosities, and the page specifically for the item and company.  The aim is to try and create the following information from links or using existing information on your website or supplied documentation, therefore repacking the information already available into a handy online company portfolio, including press articles, videos, business support and awards and accolades. We put the information together in a templated layout and request your approval and review before going live.

This page will be made up of the following information:

  1. Picture or video or the item; this helps ensure they are looking at the right item and also so it can be referenced even when we are physically at an exhibition as this will be available year round.
  2. Information on the item; what it is, why is it important, special features, how it is used, why it is unique, different, innovative, is it the first in the world, cost etc. (this could be a link to a video or animation if you already have something suitable, maybe a specification sheet etc.)
  3. Information on the company; bio on the company (links to you about you page, ethos statements, videos you have done).
  4. Links to supporting information; any website pages/videos/social media etc you would like us to include – if you can buy it we can include this too.
  5. Any awards received, key contracts; an opportunity to shout about how amazing your business is, so look to include design awards, training awards, queens award for enterprise etc. both UK and Global.
  6. Details of any support received:
    • Grants, Funding, Investments: Costs, dates, sources (BEE Anglia, Low Carbon Fund, Innovate UK RI, NALEP, Sector specific funds etc).
    • Skills, Training, Mentoring, business or sector support: Names of organisations and support type (i.e. NALEP, Accelerator programme, Growth Hub, MENTA, NAAME, KPMG, Goldman Sachs etc).
    • Support from Local Authorities: Planning, support for Economic Development Teams, Grants etc
    • Support from Government (could be covered under the above)

This helps us show others the behind the scenes support there can be available for businesses in the areas. Due to information, we ask about all the additional information, funding, awards, support, can also be used by you to showcase your business and its success in one location, rather than across your whole website.

As part of the Ambassadors network you will be offered a page in the Little Book of Curiosities, whether or not you are show in a live exhibition, and this will be accessible from the website or through your dedicated QR code throughout the year. Therefore, even when we are not physically exhibiting, your business can still be viewed by those visiting our online Little Book of Curiosities.

If you would like to be part of the Tech Corridor of Curiosities then please contact us at info@newanglia.co.uk



Images from Norwich Science Festival 2021