The Disruptors: designing the Lotus Evija

"Everything we do [is about] challenging norms," says Russell Carr, head of design at Lotus — and the electric hypercar Evija sums up that philosophy

In the final part of our special mini-series focusing on the disruptive work of Lotus, design director Russell Carr fills us in on the inspiration behind the design of the EV hypercar, the Evija.

Every day Lotus designer Russell Carr passes the gleaming, architectural surfaces of the Evija, the all-electric hyper car he helped to create, at Lotus’s HQ in Hethel. “I never tire of looking at it.” he says.

“Of course there’s always a small bit in the back of your mind, where you’re always dissatisfied and looking towards the next thing!” He admits. But perfectionism aside he’s incredibly proud of the model, which is the most powerful car to enter production.

Russell, who is responsible for the aesthetics of every new Lotus, explains that the Evija was designed to offer a completely new perspective, from whichever angle you look at it. From its deep sculptural tunnels to the precise grooves that ensure minimal airflow, the Evija is a one-of-a-kind. “Everything we do [is about] challenging norms,” Russell says. “We look at what other competitors are doing and we judge what’s best, but we find a way of doing things differently — and better.”

The Evija was born from CEO Phil Popham’s lofty desire: to create the most powerful EV hyper car in the world. “We were inspired by the way modern motorsport harnesses airflow through the car,” an approach that Russell believes is “very unique at the moment.” It became “the whole philosophy” of the Evija. But just how well will the model age? He’s certain, he says, that the Evija will stand the test of time, and that one day they’ll look back with renewed vision to see just how disruptive it is.