E-retailer puts down roots at The EpiCentre

An entrepreneurial family from a small farming village in North Essex have jumped upon the wave of the grow-your-own trend and have launched a new e-retail business at The EpiCentre, Haverhill.

Along with a spike in baking and online gym classes, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a huge boom in home gardening and grow-your-own.  According to the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), almost 3 million new British growers sprung up in 2020, and nearly half of these new gardeners are aged under 45.

Gardening for Kids is the 10th business to join The EpiCentre since its official opening in November last year.   Centre Manager Kelly Boosey, says: “The green shoots are now showing through clearly and signing up Gardening for Kids is a great example.”  The family-run e-retailer aims to tap into the grow-your-own marketing by inspiring the next generation of gardeners with their range of educational, unusual and fun children’s gardening products.  “Children are instinctively curious and love to join in with the adults around them, and having their own kids’ gardening gloves, tools and accessories makes them feel special.” says co-founder Sarah. “Everything we do aims to inspire children about the wonderful world of gardening, and encourage them to care for the world they live in.”

The business initially launched within the family’s garage but quickly ran out of space and The EpiCentre has been able to offer the larger premises they need for expansion.  “The beauty of The EpiCentre is that there are no huge commitments”, says Kelly,  “rolling monthly contracts give our customers complete flexibility and peace of mind. There are office rooms of all sizes, together with hot desks and co-working spaces that are all COVID-safe.”


In less than six months, The EpiCentre has welcomed a variety of occupiers ranging from bio-tech companies taking space in the laboratories that come fully fitted-out with specialist equipment to technology consultancies like Snowing Data who offer IT services for both start-ups and established businesses. The centre is also becoming popular amongst companies just wanting ‘touch down’ space as and when needed.  While working from home has become the norm during the pandemic there is clear evidence that companies are now wanting to return to workspaces with all the benefits of face-to-face interaction and in an environment that cultivates and inspires collaboration that will help organisations that are ready to come back stronger.

“And this is where we can really add value, through the business support we give occupiers,” comments Kelly. “This should never be undervalued. Having support to hand to help companies navigate challenges, gain clarity and help create clear strategies is a valuable asset that is available to all customers at The EpiCentre. We look forward to welcoming the next 10 occupiers that need more than just a desk when it comes to growth and acceleration.”