The A-Z of disruption: A is for ambition

For our A-Z of disruption we're starting - unsurprisingly - at the beginning and tackling the topic of ambition.

Ambition is often what defines successful businesses, and coupled with a truly disruptive idea can propel a company to the next level.

We asked two entrepreneurs from the Tech Corridor the question “Where does your ambition stem from?”

Our A-Z of disruption has been launched to accompany The Disruptors, a series of video profiles of East Anglia’s most disruptive businesses. Find out more and watch the videos here.

"Being determined and having a dream"

Tech Corridor ambassador Callum Coombes is CEO of Safepoint, a Norwich start-up developing a safety app for carers and other lone workers so they can stay in touch with their teams when out in the field.

He says: “For me, ambition is all about being determined, and having a dream. Combining these gives you a goal you are passionate about, and gives you the grit to get it done.

“My ambition stems from a love of technology, and wanting to positively impact peoples lives. I have spent a large portion of my working life in job roles where bureaucracy stifled curiosity, and where any course of action that maintained the status quo was preferred. I saw first hand how a fear of being disruptive, or being different, can negatively impact a business.

“In entrepreneurship, curiosity is highly rewarded. Having the ability to look at the norm and think “I know a better way to do this” is what drives innovation, and innovation is what changes lives.”

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Positively disrupting the world of work

Ginibee co-founder Sara Horsfall

Sara Horsfall is co-founder of Ginibee, a talent partnering platform that pairs up people looking for part-time work so they can apply for full-time roles as a partnership.

“I created Ginibee to positively disrupt the world of work by enabling career progression at all stages of life,” she says.

“My motivation stems from becoming a single parent back in 2013 with 15 years experience, an MBA, ambition and yet inaccessible to companies as I had two young children and needed to work three days a week.

“When I discovered that others had successfully navigated this dilemma at a senior level by partnering up, it became my mission to understand what makes a jobshare work at a senior level and how to make it accessible, accepted and the norm.”

Find out more about the benefits of talent partnerships, either as an employer or an employee, by visiting the Ginibee website.