Explore the Tech Corridor of Curiosities

Explore the Corridor of Curiosities through the interactive online affectionally known, little book of curiosities, and learn more about the amazing businesses we have in our region. To access the interactive version below or click here. This has been designed to work with mobile devices primarily, so you can also access this via your phone and by scanning the QR code below.

We have called this the ‘Corridor of Curiosity’ because the aim of the in initiative is to engage people from the Tech Corridor, the Innovation Clusters and beyond, to be more curious, more excited and more aware about the types of businesses, innovations and technologies based in the region.  We want people to be more inclined to think ‘what’s behind that door’, ‘what’s in that warehouse’ because there is some really exciting innovation taking place and we need to celebrate and highlight this. We want to spark that inner child who is continuously learning to be inspired by what is happing in our region and see the challenges we are tackling and the solutions we are providing.

Therefore we are creating a catalogue of Tech Corridor Ambassadors and their businesses over the coming months and into the future so we can show case a range of sectors or be sector specific with the display/exhibitions. We want companies to have an opportunity to shout about how exciting and innovative they are. We are looking for more businesses who want to be Ambassadors, or part of the Tech Corridor family, to be part of the exhibition catalogue and displays.

Take a look at the interactive Little Book of Curiosities above, and take a look at some of the businesses who have already signed up and taken part in both this online and physical celebration of their products, services and innovations. The Corridor of Curiosities has already taken pride of place and gathered interest at the Conservative Party Conference, Tech and Beer events in Norwich and Cambridge, the Norfolk Chambers Talking Tech and B2B Exhibitions too! Wouldn’t you like your business to be part of this too?

If you want to learn more about the campaign, and or would like to be a part of the Corridor of Curiosities, please visit read the full details here.

Images from Norwich Science Festival 2021